What Personal Skill is Essential for An International Business Manager?


    What Personal Skill is Essential for An International Business Manager?

    Navigating the complexities of international business management requires a unique set of personal skills. We've gathered insights from Business Development Managers and a CEO to share the one skill they deem essential for global success. From mastering cross-cultural communication to embracing cultural intelligence, discover the top four skills recommended by these professionals.

    • Master Cross-Cultural Communication
    • Develop Diverse Business Skills
    • Cultivate Target-Oriented Focus
    • Embrace Cultural Intelligence

    Master Cross-Cultural Communication

    Effective cross-cultural communication is an important personal skill that contributes to success in international business management. Intercultural competence plays a key role in building productive relationships, making deals and negotiations, and managing teams from different cultures. This competence promotes working together, reduces miscommunication, and enhances an understanding of global commercial culture.

    Sneha YadavBusiness development Manager, Artfi

    Develop Diverse Business Skills

    Essential must-have skills for an international business manager include: quick adaptation, proficiency with different cultures, strategic planning, effective problem-solving, and excellence in making connections.

    Mohammed Kamal
    Mohammed KamalBusiness Development Manager, Olavivo

    Cultivate Target-Oriented Focus

    Target-oriented: being a person with a clear goal and motivation will help during energetic days. Well-planned: when you are overseas, you cannot work like a headless chicken; you need to take care of all things, as well as take care of yourself. Concentrated focus: think less, do more when you are working. Delivery and speech skills: these are the things that make the deal happen.

    Baris ShaoOverseas Sales Director, Deep Robotics

    Embrace Cultural Intelligence

    In my experience leading DeepPower, particularly in the innovative field of geothermal drilling technology, the one personal skill essential for success in international business management is cultural intelligence. This skill goes beyond just understanding different cultures; it's about adapting your approach in diverse environments and interacting effectively with people from various cultural backgrounds.

    The importance of cultural intelligence became evident to me while DeepPower's operations expanded globally. Our interactions with partners and clients from different parts of the world required an understanding of diverse business practices and a sensitivity to cultural nuances. For instance, when negotiating deals or discussing our XDrill™ technology with international stakeholders, being culturally aware helped us build trust, foster mutual respect, and create more effective communication channels.

    This skill has been crucial in navigating international business landscapes and has enriched our company's approach to innovation and problem-solving. Understanding and incorporating various perspectives into our business strategies has been instrumental in our growth and success in the global market.

    Andrew Van Noy
    Andrew Van NoyFounder & CEO, DeepPower, Inc.