What Are Strategies for Handling Logistics in International Shipping?


    What Are Strategies for Handling Logistics in International Shipping?

    Navigating the complexities of international shipping can be daunting, so we sought out the expertise of CEOs and Logistics Managers for their seasoned advice. From utilizing shipping software automation to employing a single 4PL contact point, discover the four key strategies these professionals recommend for streamlining your global logistics.

    • Utilize Shipping Software Automation
    • Diversify Freight Forwarding Options
    • Implement a Logistics Management Platform
    • Employ a Single 4PL Contact Point

    Utilize Shipping Software Automation

    I recommend using shipping software for businesses to streamline the process of shipping products internationally. With shipping software, businesses can automate various aspects of the shipping process, such as label generation and rate comparison, which can be time-consuming if done manually.

    Additionally, modern shipping software features shipment tracking, which helps you conveniently monitor a shipment's status and whereabouts. More than just a benefit for your business, shipment visibility is also useful in ensuring transparent communication with your customers and keeping them at ease about their shipments with regular status updates.

    Clooney Wang
    Clooney WangCEO, TrackingMore

    Diversify Freight Forwarding Options

    In order to be on top of shipping internationally, you have to have various freight forwarders in your logistics grab bag. As there are many out there that specialize in certain lanes, they are more beneficial to getting the shipment there cheaper and faster due to customer demand. But the key factors are time, cost, and quality. There are various times throughout the year when shipping internationally that certain shipping lanes get overbooked, so you need to stay three steps ahead when preparing bookings, whether by air or ocean. Having many freight forwarding companies at your fingertips makes things a lot better for being able to accomplish logistics goals.

    Martin IgoLogistics Manager, Sumitomo Cryogenics

    Implement a Logistics Management Platform

    First and foremost, implementing a robust logistics management platform has been pivotal for the organization. The platform integrates all aspects of the shipping process, from order placement to final delivery. It provides real-time visibility into shipment status, inventory levels, and customs documentation. By centralizing this information, we can quickly address any issues that arise, reducing delays and improving overall efficiency.

    For example, our platform allows us to track shipments in real-time, providing alerts if a delay is detected. This enables us to take immediate action, such as rerouting a shipment or expediting certain processes to keep the delivery on schedule. Additionally, the platform's data analytics capabilities help us identify patterns and optimize our shipping routes, further enhancing efficiency.

    One essential tip for streamlining international shipping is to build strong relationships with reliable logistics partners. Choose partners with extensive experience in international shipping and a proven track record of handling complex logistics. Regularly review their performance and maintain open communication to address any issues promptly. This collaboration can significantly reduce transit times, minimize errors, and ensure that your products reach their destinations efficiently and on time.

    Viraj Lele
    Viraj LeleIndustrial Engineer, DHL Supply Chain

    Employ a Single 4PL Contact Point

    Using one single contact point means employing a 4PL company that can offer freight forwarding, customs brokerage, inland trucking, warehousing, last-mile delivery, and track-and-trace services.

    Alvin Ho
    Alvin HoCEO, TigerFireShip