What Actions Help a Company Stay Ahead in Global Market Trends?


    What Actions Help a Company Stay Ahead in Global Market Trends?

    In the fast-paced race to lead in global markets, CEOs and Founders have shared their strategies to stay ahead. From cultivating a talent machine to analyzing emerging industry patterns, discover the top five actions that these visionaries implement to maintain their competitive edge.

    • Cultivate a Talent Machine
    • Foster Innovation Culture
    • Experiment with Market Adaptation
    • Engage with Global Industry Trends
    • Analyze Emerging Industry Patterns

    Cultivate a Talent Machine

    As an executive, the one action I take to ensure we continue to lead our industry and markets is to ensure we are growers and hunters of talent. Every single CEO will tell you they only hire the 'top talent,' but if you dig just a little, you find out they have no idea how talent is curated in their organization. Most have no idea what their talent acquisition team does, and when they find out, they are appalled at how inept they truly are. The vast majority of organizations post jobs and pray for talent to apply, and that is the full extent of their recruiting efforts. The only way to get to the top and stay on top is by being a relentless talent machine.

    Tim Sackett
    Tim SackettCEO, HRUTech.com

    Foster Innovation Culture

    Our organization focuses on corporate culture, collaborative effort, and continuous innovation. We have regular R&D meetings to encourage every team member to contribute to research and development. When employees are actively involved in R&D, it allows unique ideas to be shared across all levels. By recognizing original ideas, we can shape trends, not just follow them. This approach also helps unite the team behind a common cause to meet customers' needs and deliver exceptional value. It's about building a culture with a focus on a team that drives changes and ensures that the company stays ahead of the curve.

    Michael Podolsky
    Michael PodolskyCo-Founder and CEO, PissedConsumer.com

    Experiment with Market Adaptation

    Executive hiring is a dynamic industry susceptible to global market trends, and as a mid-sized firm, I sometimes worry about keeping up with all the latest shifts. It can be overwhelming.

    But, I've learned to stay ahead of changes effectively through experimentation.

    Regular disruption of the status quo helps me discover which advancements in policy will work for Pender & Howe, and which are better left for the bigger firms. Blindly following the trends is as bad as ignoring them, so when I'm adopting new practices or techniques, I always do a trial run first. This can be an A/B strategy or a project-specific initiative. This way, I'm able to compare the results of my test to my current approach, and quickly move forward on only the market trends that work. It's a way to break global changes into something much more manageable.

    Travis Hann
    Travis HannPartner, Pender & Howe

    Engage with Global Industry Trends

    I make sure to stay on top of the latest global dance trends by actively engaging on social media. As a professional dance instructor and studio owner, every day, I'm scrolling through my feeds, connecting with dance communities across the world, and seeing what new styles, techniques, and choreographies are emerging.

    It's so important in this industry to have your finger on the pulse and be able to quickly adapt and implement fresh, exciting offerings for students. I've learned that when a new dance craze starts bubbling up in places like L.A., Seoul, or London, it's usually only a matter of months before people everywhere start asking for those same classes at my studio. So whether it's learning viral TikTok-famous dances or bringing on guest teachers to share the hottest styles, I pride myself on keeping my studio relevant, diverse, and fun.

    Really, the same principle applies to any business today. With how rapidly information travels, customer interests and tastes can shift on a dime. If you don't make that global connection through social media and consistently reevaluate your product or service, you risk getting left behind.

    Roman Bosque
    Roman BosqueFounder, Dancelifemap.com

    Analyze Emerging Industry Patterns

    Staying ahead in global market trends requires continuous learning and adaptation. To achieve this, dedicating time each week to analyze emerging patterns across different industries is vital. This involves not only reading the latest reports and market analyses but also engaging in conversations with peers and thought leaders from diverse sectors. This eclectic approach provides a unique perspective, allowing for the anticipation of trends before they become mainstream, thereby maintaining a competitive edge.

    Karin Conroy
    Karin ConroyFounder and Creative Director, Conroy Creative Counsel